Choosing A Legion: Word Bearers, with Carl Tuttle

Primarchs_bigThere is, on the face of it, very little difference between the 30K Legions. Why would you choose one over the other? 90% of the units are the same if you’re a gamer, so is it a matter of aesthetics and picking your favourite colour? Even if you’re not a gamer and just love the ever increasing series of books, why do you favour the grey ones over the white ones, when they’re cutting aliens into bloody chunks in an equally as visceral fashion?

Were about to delve a little deeper in to those whys, in a new series for Corehammer. In it, we’ll be asking readers the same set of questions, in an attempt to get some understanding, and hopefully insight into why that legion speaks a person’s soul more so than the others. And on the flip side, are there any legions you don’t like, can’t stand or even hate.


Erebus. Hands down, one of the most hated legionaries

If you’d like to get involved, just drop us a line at and let us know what your legion is. You don’t need to be a 30k gamer, painters/modellers and readers are more than welcome as this is a subject that spans the whole hobby.

So, without further ado, here’s part one, with Carl Tuttle from the awesome The Independent Characters podcast. Who as listeners will know, has a Word Bearers army with some tasty looking daemon allies.


Carl’s Word Bearers in full force, alongside some daemon allies.

First up, can you let us know who you are.

My name is Carl Tuttle. I have been involved with Warhammer 40k and wargaming in general for about 9 years now. Not as long as some folks. I have however, been involved in Role Playing Games in one form or another for about 35 years or so. In regards to the Warhammer 40k Community, over the last 5+ years I have run a Podcast called The Independent Characters.


Paul Rudge (Left) Carl (Right)

Would you consider yourself a gamer, painter or more geared toward the book aspect of the heresy?

I consider myself a “renaissance player” of 40k and Horus Heresy. What I mean by this is that I actually enjoy all four “pillars” of the games. I love collecting the models of course, but I also very much enjoy painting armies. The game itself is a lot of fun, but I tend to play games where I socialize a lot during them. The game for me is really a time for socializing with friends.

As far as the lore of The Horus Heresy, I am a pretty avid reader of the Black Library Novels. I by no means consider myself an expert on the subject matter, but I do enjoy reading the books, and have become friends with several of the authors over the years as a result of the Podcast. In particular, I enjoy reading the lore in the Horus Heresy Forge World books.

Which is your chosen legion then?

The Word Bearers. The literal architects of the Heresy. These are the guys for me. No matter what legion I chose, it HAD to be a traitor legion initially.

The Ashen Circle, another legion specific unit that really draws on the legions history as iconoclasts.

The Ashen Circle, another legion specific unit that really draws on the legions history as iconoclasts.

What flicks your switches about them, in a world where there are essentially 20 identikit armies, with different coloured armour, why that one legion over another? Did you choose them, or did they choose you as you became exposed to them?

I actually disagree with the summary of the legions as being “identikit”. There are actually quite a few unique units across the legions that have been released so far. In particular with The Word Bearers you have several – but the Gal Vorbak stand out for me!

While I am not the largest fan of Lorgar himself, I do appreciate the power that he wields. In particular once he leaves the Eye of Chaos. What really sold me on this legion was the ability to ally in demons. I love my Chaos forces, and nothing screams fallen angels like being able to summon demons (and in the case of the Gal Vorbak – sell yourselves to them!).

It has always been a legion that has interested me. Their religious fervor for the Chaos Gods feels so vile. I love playing the villain, that probably comes from being a DM in so many Dungeons and Dragons games. And no one is a bigger villain than these guys.

    Gal Vorbak - One of the coolest units in the game and books, and the primogenitors of the common or garden possessed Chaos Space Marine.

Gal Vorbak – One of the coolest units in the game and books, and the primogenitors of the common or garden possessed Chaos Space Marine.

Can you pinpoint the moment when you though “Yeah, this is the legion for me”?

Looking through Horus Heresy 2 and seeing the color plates detailing out the vehicle of The Word Bearers. The idea of having the mystic symbols on the vehicles and the combination of colors (Red and Black) really appealed to me.

Don't forget your flare shields!

Don’t forget your flare shields!

Were you aware of the legion before the Heresy books and games began appearing, or has the passion for your chosen legion sprung from the new wealth of information now available?

Oh yes. As a Chaos Space Marine player in Warhammer 40k I am well aware of who and what The Word Bearers are. My first CSM army was Death Guard, but after seeing a really well painted Word Bearers army on a forum I was a member of, I had wished that I had chosen them initially!

What are your thoughts on the Primarch of your chosen legion, are you also a fan of them as the two don’t necessarily have to go hand in hand.

Lorgar is a bit of a whiney guy. I’ll admit it. There are Primarchs that I certainly think are cooler. I’m not the hugest fan of Lorgar personally. However, as I said earlier, there is no denying the power he wields in his “ultimate form”. He is one of the most powerful psykers in the Horus Heresy game so far. And I love that the power he tosses around is granted to him by the Chaos Gods!

Final thoughts?

For those thinking about Horus Heresy gaming and how to get into it – we just recently discussed this topic on The Independent Characters and it can be found here:

We usually finish every blog post with a music track, can you give us a song that in your mind sums up your legion?

If I had to pick a good theme it would probably be Firestarter by The Prodigy!

8 thoughts on “Choosing A Legion: Word Bearers, with Carl Tuttle

  1. Great interview and a terrific concept for a series. As with Carl – and I suspect many of us – my Legion allegiance has evolved as my taste in gaming has changed. Their in changes in life, experiences, and other factors and… It’s been a surprising journey from the Thousand Sons to Work Eaters!

    Eager to read the next interview. Thanks again.

    • Glad you enjoyed it mate, thats exactly why were doing it! I have to admit my opinion on Angrons lads has been flipped 180 after reading the black library novels as well.

  2. I have been a historical warmer for nearly 30 years but have been not 40k for about ten and have collected Imperial Guard, Eldar in my time.
    My first love has always been chaos space marines and i began with a force of Alpha Legion i think it was 40K 4th edition!? Lots of fast attack choices if i remember properly.
    I love converting and have built up a large Slaaneshi force with lots of deamons as allies which I have used with mixed success …. the latest edition of 40k and the more recent codexes have nerved the CSM so i drifted away from 40k. I am still not as good painter as i would wish but otherwise love the gaming aspect. I am not competitive and hate tournament playing but which is prevalent in all my local gaming clubs.
    However having read nearly all the HH books and loved them all my love for CSM was re-kindled and my fondest sympathies grew for Lorgar. First Heretic great book and really the Emperor should have been able to guess the likely direction Lorgar would go once the core of his personality (worship) was rejected and his works (Monarchia) destroyed.
    Lorgar I belive is a much stronger personality than most gamers believe and much light hearted banter amongst my gaming fellows ensues when I praise the virtues (?!) of Lorgar.
    Hence it will be no surprise when I say I am commencing on a project to build a HH Word Bearers army with Khornate Allies (Herald on Juggernaut, Skullcrushers and Bloodletters).
    I have purchased two BoC box sets, a bunch of Temple Bases from Micro Art Studios (rejected the possessed and chaos wastes bases as well TOO chaos beautiful though they are) and some Forgeworld shoulder pads and weapon sets.
    Lorgar will be leading my force with roughly a force consisting of the following;
    (2) 15 Marines
    10 Marines with Missile Launchers
    2 Contemptor Dreadnoughts with 2 Assault Cannons
    10 Marines Melta Guns (Drop Pod)
    10 Terminators
    about 2500pts all from the Box sets basically

    • Thats cool, looks like a nice list! How you gonna be painting the, acrylic red or going for the metallic sheen? theres a guide I did here if you go down the metallic route! If you want to get involved with the series, feel free to email us with your answers to the standard questions and some pics of your army and we’ll get your article up!

  3. I am looking at going for a much darker dried blood red .. army painter chaos red as a base coat then brown and black washes and then highlighting up from there. Lets see how to goes …

    • I’ve just finished up an article on weathering Word Bearers, you might find something in there of use if youre going for the blood red scheme, It will hopefully be up shortly!

  4. Looking forward to receiving a forge world order that I will make in March Voss Lightning Fighter and Anvilllus Drop pod plus some Legion Quad Bolters plus weapon options to give me some tactical list building options

  5. As for actual game meanchics, little has changed. You’re paying a premium on a BS increase, which means little for the 10″ pieplate. And the thig won’t be fielded outside apocalype anyways, where noone cares what it’s affiliation is. Sure, this thing is slow, cumbersome, and a huge targete. It may not seem to be a proper precise weapon for the Astartes. But every so often, you need a bigger hammer to crack a bigger nut and that’s what this is there for.

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