How to paint pre heresy Emperors Children the easy way.


You’re gonna need more than weak lemon drink to hang with us son.

Simon Quinlank may well be the prince of pass times, the King of all hobbies, and for a few neckbeards down your local GW store, this guy is more than likely what they’ll end up as.. But when you’re hanging with Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure, weak lemon drink and a note book just aint gonna cut it, dig?


If you’re gonna sell your soul to Chaos, you might as well make the most of it eh?

After ages of trial and error, some truly shocking space marines, and several dips in dettol, and with some help from a dude on some website I’ve forgotten, I’ve worked out a pretty sweet method of painting the emperors chosen, pre heresy purple. Warhammer 30k is fairly popular at the moment so I’ll give a brief low-down as its quick, looks good and really easy with just 3 paints.

You’ll need:-

  • Lych Purple or the new alternative Naggaroth Night
  • Xereses Purple
  • Genestealer Purple
  • Lucius Purple
  • An empty paint pot or other receptacle

You need to begin with a black undercoat, I prefer Army Painter but Citadel is fine and Vallejo air or whatever your usual undercoat is. This should be black ideally even though we’re going for bright purple.

You’ll need to mix some Lych/Naggaroth purple with clean water. I keep a spare tub of this stuff as I have an Emperors Children army although its a bit tainted so not really that 30k, I’ll still be painting a whole lot of purple. However, if you’re doing all your models at once with a base coat, you could mix it on a tile, wet palette or fill your airbrush hopper. This is going to have to be VERY watery, a little too thin for airbrush coverage I’d say, don’t fuck this stage up or the rest will look shit. its better to have 3 or more layers here so don’t worry if your paint looks too watery, its fine.


First coat on this guy

Basically the idea here is to get at least 3 maybe 4 watery layers over the black. What will happen is each layer dries and you can see the layer below, just. so by layers 3 and onward, you end up with a really opaque almost glowing purple that you just cant get with normal coats, hold your model up to the light and you’ll see what i mean.


Couple more and you end up with an almost glowing effect.

Once this base has dried fully, you just mix up the highlights as you normally would but keep them very thin, although not as thin as the base was. Rank and file you cant go wrong with 50/50 Xereses and Genestealer purple painted in a wide bar over all the armour edges, then a layer of ‘Stealer purple in a thinner bar. As you get lighter make the bars thinner and when you get to Lucius purple alone just zenith highlight and you should be golden.

If you’re doing character models or dreadnoughts then sling a layer of Xereses or whatever the new name is, over the Lych/Naggaroth as your first highlight, its marginally lighter and provides a good base for the above steps giving a more gradual highlight.



This is up to Genestealer Purple and looks good enough for your standard troops.

Ill point out that Lucius purple is a dry brush colour so you’ll have to thin it out on your palette to use it as a normal paint but its quite a handy colour and mixes fine when thinned. There are those edge paints GW do, or there’s more than likely a Vallejo alternative available which might make your life easier.


This Sergeants done up to Lucius on the edges, brings it out a bit more for your HQ choices and characters.

The rest of the armour’s standard fare throughout your legion/warband whether you’re doing loyal or traitor, 30k or 40k, but if you got those thinned layers down, you’ll have a really strong purple base to work from.

Obviously if you’re doing noise marines properly, you need to base your point of reference on mid 80’s hair metal bands or stop painting Emperors Children full stop, accept that you are a disgrace to Slaanesh and go play as Ultramarines.