Oath Of Moment Painting Challenge 2014

Welcome to the 9th Circle

Welcome to the 9th Circle

Just before Christmas I posted a picture to the Corehammer Instagram account of the slowly increasing pile of unpainted sprues and boxes of unassembled miniatures that’s starting to take over my attic room like some kind of Lovecraftian creeping dread. That dismal image seemed to resonate with a number of our friends and followers who, like many gamers, are pathetically addicted to plastic crack. We can’t say no can we? I’m not even fussed for new releases, I’m a mature sophisticated and measured man, I don’t get caught up in hype but if there’s a bargain going I just can’t say no. In December alone I hoovered up a full Dwarf army that our very own Chief Chirpa, Kieron Allander was looking to move on, along with another sealed dwarf battalion box off of Clarke, not to mention the complete boxed games of 4th edition Fantasy Battle, 3rd Edition 40K and Space Crusade off Jason from Harrowed!!!

My man Chris Kohler out in San Diego clearly recognised the symptoms of plastic crack addiction, empathised with my plight and suggested that we turn our mutual despair into a productive exercise. That being that we each set ourselves a goal of reducing the pile of shame and make a concerted effort to build and paint playable armies out of the stuff we have gathering dust in our attics and garages with a prize at the end of the year for the chap who makes most progress on the recovery trail. I was 100% into that idea as were a couple of guys from the crew and so behold The Oath Of Moment challenge.

The Shame Of Kohler

The Shame Of Kohler

Each month we’ll be posting progress reports from the participants involved in the challenge. Chris is working on a Daemon army, Duggan is putting together an Iron Hands force, I’m tackling my Dwarves for Fantasy Battle, I think Paul is working on Imperial Guard and there may well be a few others getting on board the shame train too. I’d like to extend that invitation to our readers too, if anyone out there wants to get involved with our group therapy session and take part in the challenge please drop us a line at corehammercrew@gmail.com and we’ll get you in the loop. Doesnt matter whether it’s Fantasy Battle, 40k, Warmachine, Hordes, Malifaux, Bloodbowl whatever…you just got to make that initial pledge and to chronicle your progress (or lack thereof) monthly. Friends understanding and accepting that you are an addict is the first step on the way to recovery. We’re reaching out to you…Join us.


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