Raging Heroes – Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova Review


The three female commissar models available, plus some sort of weird hippo dog thing I’m not really sure about.

Good looking girls with guns, its that old cliché for the non functioning gamer isn’t it? But I’ll be honest, having grown up on Japanese monster movies and Anime from an early age, I still reckon they’re boss, and no one does it better than the Japanese.

Soda Pop do some good Anime style female models with mechs, giant robots are awesome right? Whats more awesome? Giant robots with hot girls! But recently I’ve been debating some models from the Raging Heroes range.

They’re a French company, and have ranges that cover 40k and Fantasy, predominantly but not limited to, female characters. Their whole range is really impressive, and they recently had a kickstarter for a whole new set of ranges for both game systems. I thought I’d check out their female commissar models the Kurganova’s for my burgeoning Vostroyan First Born regiment.

There’s a choice of three available currently, and they looked really well proportioned and detailed. The poses are spot on, and the stances are pure Anime heroine, there’s also a few weapon options available it said, so I plumped for Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova as a tester.


There are two arm sets  and 3 gas masks in the pack.

Not knowing where to order this, bar Total Wargamer , I went for Dark Sphere, as recommended by our own web genius and wearer of mustard shirts, Stevie Boxall. The order shipped the SAME DAY, arrived within 2, despite Christmas post. These guys are recommended folks, really recommended.

The model itself is excellently cast, really fine detail and surprisingly almost zero flash or mould lines, it was a joy to clean up, just needed a quick scrape down the cloak then a wash in hot soapy water.


This is the full kit laid out.

The details excellent, while not in the style of the GW commissars, being detail heavy and slightly heroic in scale, this model was delicate in the details. The brockading on the back of the jacket is tight, and flows well with the moulding, the face is small and well formed, and the boots are stunning, a lot of detailing in the way they flow and the fastenings.

The varying gas masks are cool, 3 different designs if you’re so inclined, may be worth a shout if you’re doing Valhallans or some other guard regiment that works in poisoned air, Kreig too.

The weapons are brilliant, one melta/flamer type thing and an autocannon/lascannon looking gun with a blade, or alternatively a plain sword.


This is the layout I’ll be going for, pistol and the autocannon type thing.

I’m really impressed with the level of quality from Raging Heroes here, and will definitely be looking to purchase more, I’ll likely branch out in to their tree men designs too within their fantasy range. The new kickstarter they’re planning looks interesting too, have a look here at the last one that was insanely successful.