Reign in Blood – Post Ill Blood Results

Brett Charge - Ming Lee

Brett Charge – Ming Lee

Corehammer’s first Warhammer tournament, Ill Blood, went off with a bang this past weekend at Dark Sphere in the heart of London. The Corehammer crew ran its first one day event with plaudits coming from both attendees and venue for holding such a successful first event, that had a solid attendance and a great atmosphere. Huge thanks goes out to everyone who made the event such a solid day of hobby chilling!

First up want to say a huge thanks to the Corehammer team, Stevie, thanks for putting this event on!
Nicely run event and an awesome crew!


Thanks to the @Corehammer guys for a great first event. @the_black_Sun


Stoic Dwarfs - Luke Lane

Stoic Dwarfs – Luke Lane

Best sports was also well contested with most of the field taking at least 1 best game, 4 players taking 2 best games and Ming Lee & Chris Tomlin (of The Black Sun) being their opponents favourites in all 3 games. To decide on the victor, a dice off occurred with Ming Lee victorious.

Maniac Bastards - Skullcrushers - Adam Cunis

Maniac Bastards – Skullcrushers – Adam Cunis

Coolest army was well represented, however it was clear that Luke Lane’s Dwarves, Adam Cunis’s Warriors of Chaos were popular choices, but the peoples champ, Ming Lee swung it by a handful of votes (see the top picture and Ming Lee’s twitter).

Shadow Warriors - Luis Puchades Vigar

Shadow Warriors – Luis Puchades Vigar

So after 3 games of 2400pt Warhammer Fantasy, the final rankings looked like this:

1. Dominic Pemberton – Empire
2. Chris Tomlin – High Elves
3. Shahrul Azmi – Dark Elves
4. Nav Hussain – Orcs & Goblins
5. Jack Armstrong – Daemons of Chaos
6. Matt Hinton – Daemons of Chaos
7. Christopher Mace – Warriors of Chaos
8. Francesco Cacciatore – Vampire Counts
9. Tom Uden – Dark Elves
10. Luke Lane – Dwarves
11. Luis Puchades Vigar – High Elves
12. Glenn Wilkinson-Tough – Orcs & Goblins
13. Rafael Harbinson – Lizardmen
14. Adam Cunis – Warriors of Chaos
15. Marc Wilson – Orcs & Goblins
16. Marcus Lake – Dark Elves
17. Nick Tolfree – Lizardmen
18. Alasdair – Orcs & Goblins
19. Donal Taylor – Ogre Kingdoms
20. Ming Lee – Brettonians
21. Robert Boyce – Lizardmen
22. Richard Skemp – Ogre Kingdoms
23. Randolph Howard – High Elves
24, Philip Rossiter – Wood Elves

Throughout the tournament we got some great video footage that will be making its way online but for now I hope you enjoy some pictures of a collection of the best painted armies at the event.

If you want to read some further feedback check out the Ill Blood tournament thread on TWF.

I also just want to shout out again, Kieron, Steve and Alex for helping out all day, sorting rules questions and running around getting results. Another big shout out to Dan and Marc for their help on the day, Andy for his prep the night before and the rest of Dark Sphere for letting us run the event in their store, the use of their terrain and general patience with me and 24 Warhammer players.


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