Dead Girls Don’t Say No – Travelling Morgue Horrorpunk Festival

Travelling Morgue Farceboot banner

Because the first thing you do when you’ve paid off your overdraft and credit card is naff off to a one-day festival. Obviously. Johnny Rose (Thirteen Shots/Undead Artists) and Tommy Creep (Lupen Tooth/Graveyard Calling Records), the left and right ventricles of the UK horrorpunk scene, hoisted the Travelling Morgue banner over Birmingham three weeks back and your correspondent wasn’t going to say no to nine bands for a tenner.

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Fighting Fantasy Fest 2014 – Your adventure starts here!


An absolute goldmine

It takes a lot to drag me away from my home in a leafy Yorkshire village these days. The arrival of the first ever dedicated Fighting Fantasy Fest however, was a temptation I simply could not resist. I had been looking forward to this event ever since it was first announced earlier this year. By my own shameful admission I slept on the Kickstarter campaign for Jonathan’s book on the history of Fighting Fantasy, You Are The Hero! but I was delighted that the book had reached its goals and found its audience and was keen to join all the other errant sons and daughters of Allansia in making the pilgrimage to be a part of the celebration.
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Reign in Blood – Post Ill Blood Results

Brett Charge - Ming Lee

Brett Charge – Ming Lee

Corehammer’s first Warhammer tournament, Ill Blood, went off with a bang this past weekend at Dark Sphere in the heart of London. The Corehammer crew ran its first one day event with plaudits coming from both attendees and venue for holding such a successful first event, that had a solid attendance and a great atmosphere. Huge thanks goes out to everyone who made the event such a solid day of hobby chilling!

First up want to say a huge thanks to the Corehammer team, Stevie, thanks for putting this event on!
Nicely run event and an awesome crew!


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REVELATIONS – Fields of the Nephilim & The Mission (Brixton Academy)


Six years of being a) broke and b) the sort of wazzock who’ll spend his spare money on toy soldiers despite a) have taken their toll: my beard and I haven’t been near a ‘proper gig’ that you have to pay money to get into since 2007, despite living just down the road from Manchester Academy for a year. This year, though… this year Fields of the Nephilim were playing half an hour’s Tube-and-walk from me in Brixton, within two weeks of my birthday, and the usual objections drifted away like Homepride on the breeze. The only downside, I thought, was that I’d have to sit through a Mission set…
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Black Library Weekender: An Idiot Aboard part 2

The next morning I got an early start. I knew that I was only interested in the final panel of the day so I could sit back and relax for the morning and enjoy being lazy. With all of the travelling I had put myself through I was starting to stink like Danny Dyer’s career, so it was time to cleanse myself. Here I found myself truly shaken. The hotel bath blew my mind. I have never seen a bath fill so quickly probably less than two minutes and sufficiently hot enough, shit had gotten real. I sat enjoying my bath realising I could create a vacuum with my back to the inside. I was essentially a man-child in his element. I wandered round my hotel room naked hoping one of the cleaners would come in and be horrified by me whilst I inhaled the last of my flapjacks. The cup of tea I made was shit though so that went down the sink, I had a quick scan through my emails, checked out and got myself away.
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Fiasco Leeds Wargaming Club Event

photo-11A few weeks back I ran into an old friend of mine, Neil Hamilton from the On Thin Ice days, down in the games basement of Travelling Man. Neil played bass in What Hope Remains a great band from the North East with whom On Thin Ice shared many stages, tour vans and nights of mischief. Anyhow, turns out that the lad is now involved in gaming too with Warmachine/Hordes being his tipple of choice. He mentioned that his group Leeds Warmachine would be hosting demo games at Leeds Wargaming Club FIASCO event which was being held October 27th at the very appropriate location of The Leeds Armouries. I figured it was just down the road so I’d go take a look.

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Black Library Weekender Part 1: An Idiot Aboard

I’ll start this review off with a brief disclaimer. As will soon become apparent i’m certainly no wordsmith. I believe I’m going to require a fair  bit of editing as I’m definitely going to babble about things which have little interest to anyone but myself. There will also be plenty of information that I got told of value and importance that I will of, on some level, registered as being awesome but will have simply sat there blank faced instead of making an actual note of it. When you ascend to fully fledged man-child status you’ll come to understand that as one physically grows, one also mentally regresses. So as this is my first real write-up/report for CH you’ll have to bare with me as I spill the feculent meanderings of my mind into text.
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Slaves To Chaos- Mind Eraser & The Rival Mob in Sheffield

I think it’s fair to say the announcement that Boston’s current hardcore kings The Rival Mob were to be playing two exclusive UK shows alongside Mind Eraser was greeted with a veritable frenzy of rabid excitement. A UK appearance from both bands has been long overdue but it was Violent Reaction’s Tom Pimlott (the UK’s very own hardcore exchange student) who was the man with the connections to finally make it happen, facilitated by zine guru & promotional mastermind Max Mitchell handling organisation and logistics. These two gentlemen get full props from Corehammer for the way in which these shows happened. No booking agent bullshit, no absurd demands or rock star nonsense, just well laid plans and flyers in hands. Everyone’s a winner.
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Oldhammer – Bring Out Your Lead! 2013

As I delve back into the hobby, I’ve noticed loads of cool blogs, such as Oldhammer, Realm Of Chaos 80s, The Citadel Collector and Warhammer For Adults amongst others, that are dedicated to the early editions of Warhammer and the hobby in general. So when I noticed Oldhammer were having a weekender, amusingly called Bring Out Your Lead, here in Nottingham at Foundry Miniatures, I thought it would be rude not to pop in for an hour or so, check out some Spirit Of The 80s  action, take a few photos, and have a mooch about.
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Tim Barry at The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch


Incredibly enough, I went against tradition the other night, left the house and went to a gig for the first time in ages. Although it was acoustic, so I felt my aging heart would probably take it. It could almost have been described as a culture shock, as it did differ somewhat to my usual schedule of painting monsters. And I did in fact see some quite shocking things on my way there. I had gone to Shoreditch, after all. After dodging my way through the weird fucking zombies, bizarre fashion dunces and a vast array of folk that looked like they’d got dressed in the dark, I finally made it to the venue and spent a bit of time hanging with my mate and chewing the proverbial fat about music and that.
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