Road To South Coast GT 2014 – Part 3

Gaz's full army

Gaz’s Vampire Counts

The SCGT 2014 is finally here, and just before we set off on our road trip to the South coast, I thought I would share some pictures of our completed armies, now they are ready for the tournament. First up is Gaz’s amazing looking Vampire Counts army that he has painted in under a months time just to get it sorted for the weekend’s festivities. Massive props go to Gaz for the amount of hobby time he has managed to squeeze in to get this army looking Fresh-ly dead, and ready to roll on such a tight time schedule. Enjoy!

Zombies with Banshee and Necromancers.

Zombies with Banshee and Necromancers.


Converted Skeletons

Converted Skeletons from the Empire range.

Crypt Horrors and Corpse Cart

Crypt Horrors and Corpse Cart in cobbled Empire town basing.

Skeletons and tower

Skeletons and themed tower

Terrorgheist and Mortis engine

Terrorgheist and Mortis engine (check out the smoke)

Terrogheist close up

Terrogheist close up

Skeletons and BSB

Skeletons and BSB (Forge World Empire model converted)

For my army entry to SCGT I had to tweak my usual Skaven army to contain a lot more skirmishing units, as well as creating a brand new Warp Lightning Cannon. A lot of time was spent getting these all tournament legal, but I am happy with the army overall, even with my lack of painting ability.

The rats assemble..

The rats assemble …

Screaming bell and BSB

Screaming Bell and BSB


Rattssss …

Converted gutter runners

Converted Gutter Runners

More ratss...

More rats …

Converted WLC

Converted WLC

So that’s both armies done and ready for our first Corehammer showing to SCGT. Gaz drove down to mine yesterday from the North, and after some terrain prep, managed to get a practice game in against fellow Corehammer Chump, Stevie Boxall, with his Ogre Kingdoms army.

The hobby wife is called in to help with final Skaven preparations..

The hobby widow is called in to help with final Skaven preparations.

Gaz picks up win number 7 against Stevie..

Gaz picks up win number 7 against Stevie.

After beating Boxall’s Ogres, Gaz is now sitting pretty on 7/7 wins in his SCGT practice games. Let’s see if we can match that with 7/7 losses once he plays myself and all his tournament games over the weekend!

Remember to follow our antics on the Twitters @Drats_hammer , @MunkyManGaz and @Corehammer , and also on Instagram¬†using the #SCGT2014 hashtag. Also, if you’re at the event, come over and say hello to us noobies in the Corehammer T-shirts (Grey ones most likely).

1 thought on “Road To South Coast GT 2014 – Part 3

  1. If nothing else, that Vampire army looks stonking. Not sure what I like best; the dry ice, the crawling Terrorgheist, the Corpse Cart on the cobbles or the custom Watchtower (he’s not running Fozzrik’s Folding Fortress, is he? o.o).

    I hope you’ll put the lists up and go through them at some point when you’re back. Have fun!

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