About Tanya Gates

Tanya currently resides in a tiny town in the Canadian province of British Columbia where she works as a pawnbroker. Effectively shut off from the bigger gaming city centers, she spends most of her hobby time painting and occasionally playing with her very small gaming group. She has a deep seated love for all things metal, and is an aspiring roller derby girl. When not wargaming, skating or painting, she can be found with her weekly RPG group, watching action movies, playing various other games or deep in the middle of a Star Trek marathon.

Oath of Moment: Anvil of War

My name is Tanya and I have a bucketload of shame. I have many models, shelves full of them, but almost nothing is painted. I know, I’m a monster. As someone who doesn’t play tournaments and barely gets to play due to living in a relatively isolated community, painting has always taken a backseat to my other nerdy endeavours. I’m also a very relaxed gamer; I love to play but I do not care if my opponent needs to proxy some stuff, or his/her models also aren’t painted, and certainly I don’t care if marines are in mix and match power armour. Seriously, let’s just play! I’m a busy woman: I am training to play my first roller derby game, I am a full time pawn broker, and I have other hobbies too(like RPG night once a week, and squeezing video and board games in every once in awhile). That being said, I want to work on painting more in 2016.


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