Oath of Moment Painting Challenge: Death Dies Hard

I’m not normally a man who has dead lead lying around the place. If I haven’t bothered to paint something, chances are I haven’t bothered to play something, and if I haven’t bothered to play something, chances are I’ve sold it on for something I do want to play. Thing is, every now and then, I score a bargain, like this Imperial shitload of Cryx, to which I just can’t say no.

Whole lotta zombies.

Of course, I do have to paint the damn stuff, and considering how much I pissed and moaned about painting up a dozen Retribution infantry at a time, there could be something of an issue here: which is why, not putting too fine a point on it, I intend to cheat like buggery.

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Coremachine – All About Warmahordes


Warma… hordes? What are you on about, beard-face?

Warmahordes is a portmanteau, that’s what it is. It’s a way of referring to two games by Privateer Press that are set in the same world, use ninety per cent of the same rules, and are cross-compatible with one another.

Warmachine’s the older of the two by a good three years, and sits nicely in the steampunk – I’m sorry, ‘full metal fantasy’ – corner, with lots of goggles, firearms and big stompy robots. There are elements of that in Hordes, the junior game, but Hordes has more big stompy monsters and shirtless barbarians and mysterious druids in amongst its trolls with rifles and cyborg pig-monsters. They’re kind of opposite sides of the same coin, that coin being the Iron Kingdoms, which is the D&D setting Privateer Press was originally set up to distribute.

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