Hobby goals for 2015

Now that's what I call a Pile Of Shame™

Now that’s what I call a Pile Of Shame™

At the start of the year, we all make ambitious plans for multiple armies and to check out all the new hot games, but no plan survives contact with the enemy. Real life, work, family, stress, can’t be arsed, you name it, there’s always a hobby killer. So, without berating the crew for what they didn’t do in 2014, let’s see what plans we have.

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Battle Mats #1 – Deep Cut Studios

So many of us will have fond memories of images just like this.

It’s been a long time since bases were all painted Goblin Green and you played your games on a slice of green felt rolled out on your dining table, things have moved on. Quite a bit.

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Ten Yard Fight – Dreadball Tournament – 13th September



Ten Yard Fight is a 5 game, one day Dreadball event happening at the Dark Sphere store near Waterloo in London on 13th September. Starting with registration at 10am & ending around 6pm with 5 games lasting 60 minutes each. There will be a prize for the overall winner, as well as some other bits up for grabs. Tickets are available from Dark Sphere online and in store for £7. You can find the event on Facebook here. Continue reading