Oath of Moment: Dead And Monochrome

High tide
Wide eyed
Dread in monochrome
Denied in spite
Disliked in monochrome
Panic in their eyes
Dead and monochrome

Well now, that ‘once a month’ thing ain’t quite working out how it should be, but I have been busy, I promise. Check this out.

It turns out that being a lazy bastard and not painting your figures properly (under the pretence that it’s in some way artistic) yields positive results; I’ve cranked out about 75 points of Cryx including two warcasters at a fair old rate of knots.

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Coremachine – Onward Into Battle

What? You want your Warmachine Correspondent to do some actual Corresponding about Warmachine? All right, fine, get off my case… So, last time, I rambled on in some effort to introduce Warmachine and Hordes to the Corehammer crew and anyone else who happened to be reading, and promised a walkthrough of a sample turn. Thing is, the shortest walkthrough I could come up with was over two thousand words long and about as interesting as Rimmer’s Risk story, so in an effort not to bore your bollocks off I’ve made some videos instead.

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