Emperors Children Fellblade #3 – Weathering


Whatever I’ve done, I’ve been staring down the barrel of a gun.

This is the final stage in modelling your fellblade or whichever tank you’re following along with, from raw resin straight outta the Forgeworld bags, through a nice neat paint job, and now you’re gonna make it look all messed up and battered.

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Forge World Fellblade Assembly & Associated Problems


Fairly sure the Mechanicum don’t have the same problems you and I are going to have building these things.

I wasn’t going to do this article, but to be fair, having scoured the internet for help when I began this project, there was absolutely nothing of any help bar this one post, which to be fair, helped me out so cheers to the guy who wrote it. You can find it here for reference. The project in question was to build and paint an Emperor’s Children Fellblade. Something no one bar Forge World have done, or at least, posted on-line about it it seems. There’s a few weird conversions using Baneblades, but to be fair, given the £160 price tag, I can see why people might swerve the kit. Having built one, I can also see why people might swerve it, as it was less a kit, more a prolonged exercise in problem solving. Hence this article, to help you along the way if you do decide to go down the route of a Forge World super heavy.

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CH Single Figure Challenge: May 2014


Hanneman Is King

If page hits and commentary are any indication of success, then our first Single Figure Challenge definitely sparked some interest both within our hallowed ranks and amongst our loyal and gradually expanding readership too, so thanks for all the positive feedback. As I explained before, the purpose of the Single Figure Challenge is to serve as a gentle exercise in self improvement no matter your skill level, rather than a conceited hobbyist dick swinging exhibition, because no one likes those guys. We’re big on sharing knowledge and tips amongst our group in order to raise everyones game and push things forward and the Single Figure Challenge is nothing more than a documentation of those progressions.

As you’ll see from this months offerings there’s stuff from greenshoots novices still learning the basics through to intermediate guys who have a decent grasp of technique and a few lads who have been painting a while and consistently pushed their game to produce some really impressive effects. Sitting back on your arse complaining ‘I’m rubbish blah blah blah” and bemoaning your abilities accomplishes absolutely nothing. If you are going to be that type of fanny you might as well not bother because all that negativity does is create a state of inertia, and that is the true enemy of the hobbyist. Over the course of the last six months I’ve seen dudes who’d always convinced themselves they hated painting and were content to play with bare plastic (I’m looking at you Boardman) start to churn out really solid creative work simply off the back of a bit of encouragement and some shared tips from an enthusiastic community.

It really doesn’t matter where you are at with your hobby skills, what matters is that you’ve got some paint on your brush and you’re getting stuck in and having fun with it and you WILL move forward. I’ll leave you with this wisdom that Minor Threats vocalist Ian Mackaye once retorted to Henry Rollins, when chided over his clumsy glazing technique.. ‘ At least I’m fucking trying….what the fuck have YOU done?’. Preach it brother…. Continue reading