Hard times in the Age Of Boredom….

Guys, we need to talk about Stevie Boxall. What has become of the former Corehammer webmaster and lapsed Warhammer tournament journeyman? Well since both our readers asked, I figured we’d shine a light on his activities beyond the tabletop…..allow me to introduce Stevie’s new squeeze. The Age Of Boredom….

I won’t pretend that I knew Let’s Play videos were a thing but after spending a few minutes scouring Youtube for comparable material, of which there is an abundance, turns out I’m the big idiot doesn’t it?

Anyway Stevie’s tossed his hat into the ring to provide dedicated play throughs of Indie and third party games for Nintendo Switch. Thankfully he’s a lot better at video games and surprisingly amusing commentary than he ever was at competitive Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I mean I once saw him get pulped by a fellow with a My Little Pony themed Dark Elf army. Imagine that!

There’s no danger of catching a  Brony beatdowns here though as Stevie talks us through his progress in games like Nine Parchments from the safe solitude of his couch.

 I don’t know shit about Nine Parchments but I do know that I used to enjoy Doom a lot when I was a bit more active with this type of gaming. Suffice to say Stevie’s series of Doom videos piqued my interest as I was more familiar with the IP than any of the other stuff he’s rattling on about. Once again the commentary is surprisingly entertaining given how exhausting the man is in real life.

If you’re a gamer and any of this appeals to you, go give Age Of Boredom a ‘follow’ on Instagram/Twitter at www.instagram.com/ageofboredom  www.twitter.com/ageofboredom  If you are on Facebook go chuck him a subscribe to stay up to date HERE. I don’t know what Stevie’s got lined up next for AOB, but my fingers are crossed for comprehensive play through videos of Double Dragon and Target:Renegade.

Corehammer presents: Dungeonpunx Podcast

LogoAfter much procrastination we have finally got our finger out and recorded the debut episode of the Corehammer podcast, which I have dubbed Dungeonpunx. I had been wanting to try my hand at podcasting for a while but the opportunity to get the rest of the OG Corehammer mournival around the table on the regular was proving to be an impossible feat. Despite my best efforts, conflicting schedules, geographical hinderance and a generous serving of good old fashioned apathy amongst our ranks put the clappers on my plan for full media dominance. I sulkily resigned my podasting ambitions to the steadily increasing mountain of ‘that could have been cool’ ideas.

Regular readers may recall my crisis of faith a few months back HERE Increasing pressures from work and university as well as recently volunteering a couple of Saturdays a month to work with autistic kids have led to a gradual withdrawal from regular posting and editing here, as well as a re-evaluation of what I really want out of the hobby. And whilst my 13th Company have not graced a battlefield since last years Corehammer Christmas party, I HAVE been playing D&D 5th Edition on the regular for just over a year and absolutely loving it.

A change in personal  responsibilities meant that I recently had to take a hiatus from my usual Wednesday night  D&D sessions. In anticipation of this I set up a regular Sunday afternoon session with a group of close friends that were keen to give D&D a try but had very little experience of actual RPG’s. Being the only member of the group familiar with 5th Ed D&D I grudgingly found myself sitting in the DM’s chair and after a few clumsy sessions we have found our feet and really got stuck into it. The natural rapport that already existed between Boardy, Max, Ager, Tom, Connor and I translated well into creating a comfortable and entertaining gaming dynamic. It soon occurred to me that this gang of cocky dungeoneers could perhaps serve a dual purpose and so I revived the idea of starting a podcast with the rest of the crew as my conspirators & co-hosts and lo, Dungeonpunx was born.
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Prodos Games – Warzone Miniatures review.

I don’t know much about Prodos’ Warzone IP. My only knowledge of the company came from their Aliens Vs Predator Kickstarter, so a couple of years back now. I was impressed that (what I assumed was) a small company managed to grab itself rights to such a solid project. It was a ballsy move, one that made me think that these guys were ones to watch. I didn’t back, but a few of my mates did, and that’s how they came to be on my radar. I went to Salute 2014 and spent a fair bit of time at their stand, admiring some of the initial sculpts for AVP. They really had gone all out on this project, the miniatures looked awesome and the small amount of gameplay stuff out there was very cool indeed. Continue reading