Darke Future- An Interview with Atonement Records


Here at Corehammer we know what we like. We like big meals and Floorpunch and taking the piss out of everything. But we also have a lot of time for creative, hard working people. We like to support folk who roll up their sleeves and get involved to make things better instead of sitting on their arse and whining about it. Michael Darke is one such individual. A bold Welshman with plenty to say, and the courage to still rock a curtains hairstyle in 2013. If you’ve been around the UKHC scene for even a short while you’re bound to have encountered some of Darke’s handiwork. Whether it be inciting dancefloor ruin with now defunct Ark Of The Covenant or switching the new generation onto fresh hardcore via his involvement with Purgatory Records and his new label Atonement Records. There’s no doubt the lad works hard and is neck deep in this shit. He’s also got a few dirty gamer secrets lurking at the back of that stylish wardrobe. This interview is a biggie so get comfy son, you’re gonna be here a while……
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Curse of the Oil Snakes


Nuln Oil, Citadels new armour wash/black ink/Badab Black. Lets be honest, its fucking good isn’t it? You can use this shit for all sorts, adding depth to blacks and dark colours, making metallics look like actual metal not just shiny paint on a plastic spear, all sorts. I ran out though recently and decided I’d try and find something that wasn’t GW.

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gw-vulkan-livesI’ve been eagerly awaiting this novel, since Vulkan literally vanished under a mushroom cloud on the black sands of Isstvan V, courtesy of an epic barrage from the Iron Warriors, as they cruelly betrayed the warriors of Nocturne. We’ve been teased with a couple of hints that he may have survived, and as the synopsis confirms, he’s become a plaything of Konrad Curze, and as the story pans out, we’re treated to a fascinating insight into both Primarch’s minds. With any book review, it’s difficult to get into details without spoiling the plot twists, but as a general view the book is split intotwo main stories, each with its own flashbacks and points of view from various characters.
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Only Shadows…..A Field In England review

Somewhere over the rainbow?

Somewhere over the rainbow?

Regular readers are probably wondering, and rightly, why is there a movie review on Corehammer? No Elves, Orcs or Space Marines make an appearance I’m afraid. No ‘grimdark’ future war settings…so what gives? Allow me to enlighten you friends. Pretentious as it sounds I like to write about things that move me. Whether that be music, art, experiences, games… my posts on CH are connected by tenuous threads that stretch back into childhood, weaving together a tapestry of adolescent wonder and horrors. A Field In England stirs similar emotions to those I felt the first time I clapped eyes on that piece of Ian Miller artwork I posted a few weeks back, or how odd I felt after I saw The Wicker Man at thirteen years of age or heard Integrity’s For Those Who Fear Tomorrow and on and on…Like the great prophet Jarvis Cocker once quipped ‘something changed’.

With all that in mind then, I’m convinced that Ben Wheatley makes films just for me. It’s like he’s hacked my netflix history, tossed it into a cauldron, performed some foul alchemy and out crawled Down Terrace, Kill List, Sight Seers and AFIE. He makes smirking, vicious, disturbing movies that mesh the mundane with the majickal. Dirty kitchen sinks brimming over with paranoia, murder, folklore and symbolism that have a black seam of gallows humour coursing right through the center of them like an infected artery.
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Corehammer on Facebook

Imperial_Guard_Recruit_Poster_by_K_aybarsThe sites been getting a fair few hits lately so in an effort to build a sense of community and create a bit of an interface, we’ve sold out and made a Facebook group for CH. If you use that site and are feeling our vibe, please join up and get involved. It’s an opportunity to make some contacts, talk fluff, share information/hobby tips, trade bitz etc. We’ll also use the page (alongside our existing twitter/instagram stuff) to announce blog updates, limited merch, zines and maybe some future events/meet ups once we get more established
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Scratch The Surface…Easy guide to stripping miniatures


Solid paint job is solid

One of the more pleasing side effects that has developed with the birth of this website has been the reaction from lapsed gamers amongst the punk community. Fond memories of simpler times are stirred, the embers of youthful enthusiasms are rekindled and folk start to realise that for a lot of hardcore kids all this Warhammer and fantasy stuff provides something of a common bond. With enlightenment often comes the bubbling spring of renewed interest, which then inevitably grinds to a screeching halt when they have a look at how much it all fucking costs.

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Band Of The Week – Ego Trip

423983_457968254266421_66222496_nSummer is here, the season when HC bands jump into a shitty van and take to the road for a couple of weeks to observe that fine tradition of the summer tour. Lawless living, no sleep, no money, petty theft, BBQ’s, maybe see some tits, moshing, water fights ahhhhhhh the best of times. Next week see’s Final Rage and Ego Trip, two bands from my Southern homelands heading up the M1 to bring the proverbial ruckus to the North and with both bands having imminent releases due on the prolific (and Corehammer afiliated) CTW records, I figured we’d do a bit of a 2 part special and hit’em both up. Yep one of the hottest days of the year and I’m cloistered away in my attic like a self harmer, afraid of the sun and shit, sweating it out in my custom dust sauna and writing stupid reviews of my friends band. Brilliant.

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Clenched Fist, to the man in the sky – Part 2

Like a metaphor for my life for the past 26 years; the army is moving forward but very slowly.

I mentioned in my last post that I’d only update once some painting had been done, however my dip & matt spray haven’t turned up so that’s been delayed. I have added some more marines, a HQ & come up with some kind of army list so I figured that was worth some kind of update!

I found these tactical marines in my basement so I’m almost upto having the three squads of the ten that I want – plus there were some beakies in there and I am a sucker for those motherfuckers. I’d actually have an army full of beakies if I could, but that would cost me a week’s wage from Forge World. Some of them are in kind of odd poses but I’m gonna lob a ton of purity seals and stuff on them to mix them up a little and distract the eye.

photo 1

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