Oath Of Moment: Iron Warriors (Part 2)


77th Grand Company, led by Warsmith Meridius. Admired at Warhammer World by his holiness, Graham McNeill

“Tell them ruin has come to their world. Death, despair and red war. Tell them their hopes and pride have come to nothing. Tell them their empty whispers fall upon deaf ears – their gods are dead, human reason has killed them. Tell them the Angels of Death have come. Tell them nothing can save them now.”

— Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors Legion

After getting 1000 points’ worth of Iron Warriors’ 77th Grand Company done for The Dark Throne back in April (see here), I’ve been slowly adding to it over the year, with a couple of Rhinos for my troops to help them get across the board better, a Land Raider to deliver my Terminator Lord and Trident into the enemy lines without relying on the fickle reserves/deep-strike fate, and lastly a tooled up Daemon Prince. As always, drybrushing and plenty of dirty washes have been my friend, and the long-term goal is to go back to everything and highlight a few more steps.

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Coremachine: The Witch By My Side


Can’t you see my death-fear?
I can hear her voice
Shoutin’ everywhere

Who knows what I’ve done
It must be so bad
That a witch does care…

Who fancies a walkthrough of a Warmachine army list? I hope it’s you, because that’s what you’re getting. If you’ve sat through my boring video you have some idea of how the rules work, and if you’ve encountered the Warmachordes community before you’ll probably know that we’re a very game-focused lot. That’s not to say that we don’t care about background at all, but when it comes to the crunch we’re not here for the fluff.

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Oath Of Moment Part 3: The Wolves Of Terra

photo-1Despite my recent rantings and ravings regarding my mixed feelings towards 40K, GW and tabletop gaming in general, I still wanted to get this project finished. I have been titting about with it for a couple of years now and considering the number of decades I have been associated with the hobby, I am ashamed to say I have never had a 100% completed army. So with themodest aim of having a 1000 points worth of Wolves ready by Dark Throne accomplished, I felt somewhat bolstered to move forward with my army and add some more units. In the wake of the recent unleashing of  40K 7th Edition  came  a new Codex for the Space Wolves. Whilst the prospect of new toys is always exciting, I couldn’t really justify buying a load of new shit whilst I still had a pile of bare plastic to wade through.

As it turned out the new Space Wolf stuff was, by and large, a bunch of utter shit, which saved me forking out. Result.  However the pile of shame was still lurking in my loft like the unspoken family secret so I set about working on a small project within a project by using up all the various bits and pieces that I’ve accumulated over the last 18 months. I suppose its a bit like when you’ve got a big shop due and you have to make meals out of whatever dry old pasta and tins of mixed beans  you’ve got lingering in the cupboards. With that approach in mind I set about my new project with renewed zeal: The Wolves Of Terra.
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End Of 2014 Chiller


Strength 10. Large mosh

2014 has been a good social year for Corehammer with the WHFB Ill Blood tournament, The Dark Throne 40K tournament, plus a couple of trips to Sanctuary Gaming Centre, so we closed the year out in style, with a chiller at Warhammer World, with all and sundry invited. “Let’s have an all-day Apocalypse battle, with a narrative” said David Ager*, so we booked the 6′ by 12′ board, sorted out a Loyalist v Traitors/Xenos rumble, and the warrior lodge descended on Games Workshop HQ

*the fucker never turned up

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Tales From The Darkwood Part 2 – Fates Messenger

WoFM-original-coverIn the previous installment of this primer HERE I introduced the simple premise of Fighting Fantasy. In a nutshell Fighting Fantasy could be described as self contained, simplified, single player D&D, staged for the most part (though not exclusively) in the setting of Titan. It would be fair to say that Titan definitely shared a lot of its aesthetic with what would become the Warhmmer world. Indeed for many young gamers FF provided a gateway into the more convoluted spheres of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, The Forgotten Realms, Orb and so on but we shall discuss that more in a future installment.

At the front of every Fighting Fantasy book was the Adventure Sheet. This sheet was used to document your characters progress through the adventure. It was the place where you could record the treasure, equipment and magical items you obtained along the way, document your encounters with monsters and of course keep track of the all important Skill, Stamina and Luck scores. These three statistics were the hinge upon which the progress or failure of your adventure swung. If you played by the rules, these figures were determined randomly by the dice at the start of the adventure if you were a cheating swine then you naturally maxed out with a 12/24/12 set up.
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Unlistenable Racket End Of Year Special – The Best Punk, Hardcore and Metal of 2014

2014 saw a bunch of bands record some music. Some of it was shit, some of it was excellent. Here’s a list I done which features 20 of the best ones. Have a look with your eyes.


1. Pianos Become The Teeth – Keep You (Epitaph Records)

No, I wouldn’t have thought so either. That hectic screamo nonsense is dialled right down and replaced with gentle melancholic rock with the effect being simply breathtaking. Low-key, elegant and comprising of all the feels.


2. The Banner – Greying (Good Fight Music)

New Jersey’s finest return to reclaim their crown and deliver a surprisingly complex record. Gigantic mosh rubs shoulders with gothic synth-pop and the result is a brave and nuanced set of tracks; caressing with one hand, smashing your face in with the other.

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