About Stevie

Stevie Boxall currently lives in South London. He has experimented with putting shows on, doing a zine and being in a band, he was pretty crap at all of them. He redeemed some of his punk credibility by doing a semi-well received distro while living in Bournemouth. He is currently playing Bolt Action, Warhammer Fantasy, Dreadball, X-Wing, is presently running mangaworthreading.co

Ill Blood – A Warhammer Fantasy Tournament


Corehammer presents: Ill Blood, our first Warhammer Fantasy Tournament on Saturday 22nd February at Dark Sphere, London.

Tickets are £10 for 3 games of no comp 2400pt Warhammer Fantasy Battle, strictly limited to 24 players using the 20-0 & swiss scoring system. Prizes for: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, best presented army, best sports and wooden spoon. Each player votes for best game, each vote a player receives will be rewarded with 2 tournament points per vote (to a maximum of 6 points).

Tickets available from our store.

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Last chance for Corehammer Merch


We’ve extended the shirt and crew pre-order by a few days to account for last day of the month paydays, but this is the last chance to grab the moshing marine shirts and crewneck before this design is retired for good. We are stopping the shirt and crewneck pre-orders on Monday, so if you’ve waited, make sure you get your order in over the weekend. The dice will continue to be in the store until we have sold out of them.

Order shirts, crews and dice at the Corehammer Munitorium.

Big thanks to the people who have ordered so far, all this money is being pumped back into future Corehammer endeavours, we are hoping that 2014 is going to be a big year for us, online and offline.

Merch for the Merch God! Limited Edition dice, shirts and crewnecks

Merch for the Merch God!

This is the last run of this design, so get them while they are hot ( although not hot enough for the “gets hot” rule to apply).

In the spirit of all good gaming companies, we have decided to print a new and refined second edition of the Corehammer shirt. As there are no rules to update, or treasured background to retcon, we have simply changed the colour schemes available.

You can now pre-order this in two colour schemes, this is for a white shirt, with black ink and will printed on Gildan. Pre-Orders are open for two weeks, and will be sent to munitorium logistics in three to four.

Available from the Corehammer Munitorium

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Madness Reigns – Cthulhu/Custom Dice Bags made by The Dice Bag Lady

I got one of these suckers

Cthulhu in the house

Fans of various Warhammer podcasts like Heelan Hammer, Bad Dice & the Corehammer sponsored Black Sun might well have heard of The Dice Bag Lady aka Annie, but since I can’t assume that all of our readers are Warhammer Fantasy players who are interested in the tournament scene, I thought I would share this sacred resource.

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SELWG 2013 Wargame Show

photo 3

On Sunday 13th October, Charlie and myself paid a visit to the annual SELWG (South East London Wargames Group) open day at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. Needless to say the juxtaposition of the sports centre’s regular patrons (swimmers and people going to the gym) and the average historical wargamer (no description required) was quite amusing.
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Warhammer for Charity – Battle for Sophia


Just a quick post to bring to people’s attention a charity even taking part at the end of the month. Battle for Sophia is a 48 hour sponsored Warhammer Fantasy Battle gaming being run by the Innsmouth Gaming Club with the aim to help fund a life changing operation and rehabilitation for Sophia Aitken, a 2 year old girl who has Spastic Diplegia, a form of Cerebral Palsy.

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Operation Overlord – Bolt Action Tournament Report


One of many sweet armies being played on the day.

On the morning of Saturday 30th August 2013, in a small market town in the Midlands, only really known as the home town of Ricky from Eastenders, an epic operation of military might took place. Little would the workers at Orbital Tyres know, that the unassuming Scout hut behind their workshop would be the beginning of the end of World War II… in 28mm.

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Welcome to Normandy – Quick Guide to Bolt Action for New Players


Charlie’s Luch & Stug chilling out in Normandy… my living room floor

If you read this blog on the regular, you may have seen my coverage of the Warlord Games Day last month, which pretty much turned out to be a love letter to the company and their runaway success, Bolt Action. Well I’ve been preaching to the Corehammer guys for long enough about why they should be getting involved, I thought I would expand on my congregation and chirp on at you guys too.
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Warlord Games Open Day 2013

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 13.54.58

Chilli – The original Gamer WAG

On 27th July, myself, Corehammer compatriot Charlie B and my girlfriend Chilli (Gamer WAG?) traveled up to Nottingham for the first Warlord Games Open Day (held in a ballroom next to their workshops). For those of you who don’t know (and I’ll assume you don’t) Warlord is a games company that until recently has had a focus on 28mm Historical games (more on this later) who as well as create their own games, also produce their own resin and metal minis in house.

So as a bit of a primer, here is a quick run down of the released Warlord Games: Continue reading

The Weight of Words – Blog Recommendations Part I

I think one of the things I love about being a part of the Corehammer crew is that my knowledge of the hobby has improved vastly over the last 6 months. Not just in one area, but across gaming, painting and fluff as well as being exposed to all kinds of music (shock, some of it’s not hardcore). A lot of this knowledge has come about from our own experiences (sharing this was one of the driving reasons to start this blog) but also from other blogs, podcasts and people from Twitter and such. With this in mind, we wanted to start sharing with you the pool of resources we dip into from time to time. Expect many more of these posts in the future (as there is only so much procrastinating you can get away with at one time). But first, here is In My Eyes…


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