Corehammer Armies – Mark Pearce’s Morat Aggression Force


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Continuing on with the coverage of the Corehammer Facebook group‘s armies, as well as combing the new found love (fad?) for the new edition of Infinity, this time we have Mark Pearce’s Morat Aggression Force. Hey Mark, give us a quick … Continue reading

How to tab pin Infinity miniatures to bases

I’ve recently gotten into Infinity, it’s a game with some gorgeously sculpted models.  The problem is, plenty of these models are in poses which make their connection between feet and base so bad, it makes Strife’s “Angermeans” seem like a masterpiece.  Read on to find out my easy solution to the problem.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 20.19.33

Nomads Hellcat w/ HMG

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