Reign in Blood – Post Ill Blood Results

Brett Charge - Ming Lee

Brett Charge – Ming Lee

Corehammer’s first Warhammer tournament, Ill Blood, went off with a bang this past weekend at Dark Sphere in the heart of London. The Corehammer crew ran its first one day event with plaudits coming from both attendees and venue for holding such a successful first event, that had a solid attendance and a great atmosphere. Huge thanks goes out to everyone who made the event such a solid day of hobby chilling!

First up want to say a huge thanks to the Corehammer team, Stevie, thanks for putting this event on!
Nicely run event and an awesome crew!


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Corehammer Armies Pt 2: Adam Chandler’s Raptors

_MG_0379This is the second in our series of CH Armies features and this time it is the turn of my old friend ‘Sketchy’ Adam Chandler to confess his secrets upon Interrogator Chaplain Beans slab. For my sins I have known Adam for the better part of 15 years  starting back when he was a regular customer at the comic book store in Canterbury that I worked in. Adam was a student at the time and a disgusting mosher whom I took under my wing somewhat and introduced to the local hardcore punk scene that was slowly gestating in the area. Around this time I also discovered just how talented an artist he was and quickly put him to task designing gig posters, shirts and record sleeves. His reputation as an artist  soon outgrew the confines of the local underground punk community and he eventually started producing artwork for touring bands on an international level.

Since those early days Adam has continued to work dilligently churning out oddball fanzines and eccentric artwork (as well as doing favours for whatever band I happened to be in at the time!) and in recent years has built himself a solid reputation as an excellent tattoo artist, with most members of our crew carrying his work on their skin. Adam also runs the Old Bones Bmx/Skateboarding clothing company (links in the sidebar). Some day he and I will finally get round to working on the comic book we’ve been talking about producing for the past fifteen years, but for now he is going to take us through the nuts and bolts of his sickeningly well painted Raptor Legion…… Continue reading

Gamechangers….Gav Russell Tight To the

photo-10I mentioned before that we are mixing up the musical content and coverage this year at Corehammer. Band Of the Week has served its purpose and run its course so we’ll be switching over to more reviews, interviews and gig coverage in coming weeks. Something else I wanted to try was to shine some light on those particular records, regardless of genre, that have had a significant impact upon us as individuals. I extended that invitation to writers from some of the various blogs we follow as well as friends and allies of Corehammer. There was no specific criteria beyond the fact that the music had to have some kind of personal meaning to the writer and could inspire an anecdote or interesting personal reflection. Maybe it was the record that opened those forbidden doors to the underground for you as a young’un and changed the course of your life or perhaps it was the first band you ever truly related to, could be that it was the record that was spinning in the background whilst you popped your cherry (we are functional gamers here after all) maybe it was the album that you rinsed whilst getting over the break up of a shitty relationship or perhaps it was the soundtrack to a particularly memorable summer? Over the course of the year we’ll be throwing a few of these up every now and again.

First up is Gav Russell who runs the excellent (and Corehammer approved) Tight To the Nail website. TTTN is a frequently updated extreme music review blog that covers punk, hardcore, metal, drone and everything you can possibly conceive of in between. With a labyrinthian musical knowledge and the boundless enthusiasm to match it, TTTN also offers free download samplers of the good stuff they mention on the site and is usually my first port of call when looking for new sounds on the world wide webz. Over to Gav…… Continue reading

Oath Of Moment – All Is Rust

photo 2
As a painter first, fluff enthusuast second and a gamer third, I find myself buying models for planned projects and trying out new paint colours when I should be finishing off things I bought ages ago.So in a bid to rid my ever increasing unpainted pile of shame and to kickstart my Iron Hands project, I’m pledging to paint everything I have bought for the army before I get too many models and I inevitably lose interest and start something else.

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Oath Of Moment Painting Challenge 2014

Welcome to the 9th Circle

Welcome to the 9th Circle

Just before Christmas I posted a picture to the Corehammer Instagram account of the slowly increasing pile of unpainted sprues and boxes of unassembled miniatures that’s starting to take over my attic room like some kind of Lovecraftian creeping dread. That dismal image seemed to resonate with a number of our friends and followers who, like many gamers, are pathetically addicted to plastic crack. We can’t say no can we? I’m not even fussed for new releases, I’m a mature sophisticated and measured man, I don’t get caught up in hype but if there’s a bargain going I just can’t say no. In December alone I hoovered up a full Dwarf army that our very own Chief Chirpa, Kieron Allander was looking to move on, along with another sealed dwarf battalion box off of Clarke, not to mention the complete boxed games of 4th edition Fantasy Battle, 3rd Edition 40K and Space Crusade off Jason from Harrowed!!! Continue reading

Raging Heroes – Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova Review


The three female commissar models available, plus some sort of weird hippo dog thing I’m not really sure about.

Good looking girls with guns, its that old cliché for the non functioning gamer isn’t it? But I’ll be honest, having grown up on Japanese monster movies and Anime from an early age, I still reckon they’re boss, and no one does it better than the Japanese.

Soda Pop do some good Anime style female models with mechs, giant robots are awesome right? Whats more awesome? Giant robots with hot girls! But recently I’ve been debating some models from the Raging Heroes range. Continue reading

Jagged Visions II – The Cauldron Of Fear

lonewolf09bbI’d hoped that my gushing adulation for the work of Ian Miller a few months ago would inspire my Corehammer brethren to open up expand upon their own personal favourite art pieces and talents from the world of fantasy art. Sadly that has not happened, so unfortunately for you dear reader, you will have to endure another of my clumsy analysis of a cherished work. This time I invite you to peel back the veil of time and take a fresh look at the cover for Joe Dever’s Cauldron Of Fear….
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The Dark Throne 2014 – A Warhammer 40K Tournament

banned in gw

Corehammer presents: The Dark Throne, our first Warhammer 40K Tournament
on Saturday 26th April 2014, at the North West Gaming Centre, Stockport.

Tickets are £10 for 3 games of 1000pt Warhammer 40K, and includes a hot meal.
Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, best looking army and wooden spoon

This is a primarily a social day, for hanging out, meeting new people and having a laugh.
There will be a bring and buy from the people at Warmart, and anyone taking part
can have a table to sell stuff that Andy and the guys will run for them.
There will also be people on hand to run demo games of X Wing, Warhammer Fantasy,
Dust Tactics, Hordes/Warmachine and Bolt Action. Details here

Tickets available from our store
Please add a note in PayPal with your army choice

Event pack and details here
Email us at with any queries

EDIT: PLAYER TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT HAVE NOW SOLD OUT. Drop us a line if you want to jump on the reserves list. The Warmart and demo games are open to all though so come and hang.