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Tony of Nurgle left the weeping sore known as Barnsley in 1998 in order to lay waste to Manchester. Many a pox was bestowed upon the poor citizens of Manchester for over a decade, before he set his sites on the nation's capital. Tony of Nurgle can now be found near Croydon, where he divides his time between reading the Book of 1,000 Poxes, listening to Jawbreaker and loudly complaining about it "being better up North". He also runs his own painting blog: http://miasma-of-pestilence.blogspot.co.uk/

Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle: a Dark Age of Sigmar project

About two years back (probably at a similar time to when I actually bothered to write something for Corehammer, funnily enough), some friends and I were talking.  We’d just been playing a game of Inquisimunda (also known as INQ28). Bit of background for those that don’t know what it is: it’s a narrative style of skirmish gaming at 28mm scale with an element of RPG, and typically revolves around inquisitors and their retinues investigating nefarious happenings in the grim darkness of the far future, with special emphasis on the “grimdark” element. Depending how you want to play, you can utilise a GM, which our little group does on a rotating basis. The system is community created and is largely based on the classic Necromunda rule set (although some people use the 54mm scale Inquisitor rules and perform some really specific technical calculations that make it sound overly cumbersome and doubtless dry as fuck – I mean could they not just divide by 2 and sacrifice a single millimetre?  Some people like to take their chosen level of dunce-nerdery to ludicrous extremes, I suppose) with character stats ported over from Warhammer 40k, adapting where necessary in order to ensure characters and weapons are not over or underpowered, for like “balance” purposes and shit.  You’ve seen Blanchitsu in White Dwarf, right? Well that’s basically the visual vibe atmosphere we’re talking. Continue reading

Oath of Moment – Daemons of Nurgle Part 2

Quite some time ago (14th July 2014), I made an initial post about my Daemons of Nurgle project. Obviously, the moon has waxed and waned many times since. I’m happy to say, that they are finally finished (for now – everybody knows armies are never finished). In fact they were finished a while ago.

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Oath of Moment – Daemons of Nurgle


“The difference between gods and daemons largely depends upon where one is standing at the time” – Argel Tal to Lorgar Aurelian

Some time ago, I picked up some of the plastic GW Plague Bearers and an Avatars of War model to use as a Herald (or Daemon Prince) of Nurgle as allies for my Chaos Marines in 40k. Incredibly, breaking from true Tony of Nurgle tradition, I actually painted them in a relatively short time frame. Regrettably, I only used them once or twice.
So rather than leave them as a project completed in relative folly, I decided that 7th Ed 40k was a reasonably good excuse to build a new army – mono-Nurgle Daemons.

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Hobbyzone Paint Rack Review


Mysterious boxes from Poland

Mysterious boxes from Poland

I’d been looking for a better paint storage solution for quite a while when some of the Corehammer lads pointed me toward Polish company Hobbyzone – who had a variety of solutions on offer.  I’ll be honest, I was moving house in a few weeks / months, so being a bit prone to procrastination, I put off the inevitable purchase.  It was also going to give me a chance to see if any of the other lads bought one, and if they were gonna be much cop. However, much radio silence on the paint rack side of things ensued. Time passed by and I moved house. I got my little permanent painting corner sorted out (score!) in the kitchen, and thought I’d be a gent and try to keep the painting area a bit tidier for the Mrs.

So it came to time for taking the plunge and buying some MDF from the internet. Thinking about the paints I had, I knew I was going to need something that could take the Games Workshop paint pots, the Vallejo dropper style bottles (I think Army Painter use these type of bottles too), and hopefully also the tall pots that P3 and Cote D’Arms currently use (and that Games Workshop used to use back in the day).

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Curry review: Dishoom, Shoreditch, London


This is the first in a (hopefully) ongoing series, aimed at pointing dudes in the direction of decent food around the UK. If you are out on tour, or visiting another town for gigs or games, hopefully this might prove useful. Or indeed, if you can drag yourself away from a life of painting overpriced bits of plastic (something I find difficult), you may even be able to find the sustenance that drives your army toward completion. Continue reading

Tim Barry at The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch


Incredibly enough, I went against tradition the other night, left the house and went to a gig for the first time in ages. Although it was acoustic, so I felt my aging heart would probably take it. It could almost have been described as a culture shock, as it did differ somewhat to my usual schedule of painting monsters. And I did in fact see some quite shocking things on my way there. I had gone to Shoreditch, after all. After dodging my way through the weird fucking zombies, bizarre fashion dunces and a vast array of folk that looked like they’d got dressed in the dark, I finally made it to the venue and spent a bit of time hanging with my mate and chewing the proverbial fat about music and that.
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An idiots guide to painting pre-Heresy Death Guard

It’s kind of weird thinking back to my first forays into painting miniatures at the age of 10.  I wonder if I ever thought I’d still be at it 25 years later? Probably didn’t even spare it a thought if I’m honest. Anyway, here I am, and thankfully my skill level has increased a bit, and I’m older if not wiser. Having said that, some habits don’t change over time.  I still paint with music on, and I still pull the brush bristles back into shape with my lips.

Anyway, enough of this nostalgic clap-trap. For my first CoreHammer article I’m going to talk you through my painting process. In this particular example, I’ll be painting a Games Workshop chaos marine in terminator armour, which I’ve spiced up a bit using Forge World’s Death Guard Terminator upgrade kit, and a Forgecraft resin base. I’ll be doing him in the pre-Heresy Death Guard colour scheme, as it’s a bit more exciting than doing him green all over, and more importantly, he’ll then fit in with the scheme for my army. Continue reading